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Patisserie Florentine

'As you meander down the streets of Paris you are mezmorized by delectable displays in patisserie windows'. As you wander down the streets of Englewood, step into Florentine, tantalise your tastebuds, succumb to the reverie & be transported to Paris...

Pâtisserie Florentine is the perfect setting for family brunch, express lunch or romantic dining. Our artisan bakery & petit bistro offer a eat-in or to-go menu using fresh and high quality ingredients, our delicious selection of baked goods are all hand-made, often before your very eyes by our pâtissiers on the baker's stand.

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Pâtisserie Florentine / 10 South Dean Street / Englewood / NJ 07631 FB/Twitter Yelp Instagram
Tel - 201 408 4890 Email - info@patisserieflorentine.com

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